8 Mar, 2020

Stay Tuned!

Are you wondering what this project will turn out to be? We’ve put in some decent work on this granny flat, and can’t wait to show our clients the end result 🤩.

1 Mar, 2020

Garage Conversions are what we Love to Do

This was once a garage but now, it’s being transformed into something absolutely magical ✨. We understand that lifestyles change and you might not be getting the most out of your existing spa ...

23 Feb, 2020

Turning our work into a Craft

Our approach to carpentry and construction is an absolute craft 👌. We understand that the way to achieve an end result with a high-end finish is by ensuring that the delivery echoes this same goa ...

16 Feb, 2020

Good Things are Happening!

When you see our sign on site, you know good things are happening ✌️. Whether it’s a custom new home, granny flat or extensive renovation you’re out to achieve, we have the team to d ...

5 Feb, 2020

The Foundation Matters Too!

The foundation is just as important as the build ☝️. Our team put in work to complete this form work for the concrete strip footings in our Granny Flat project over on Kings Langley.

29 Jan, 2020

Another Look at our Granny Flat Build

Really excited about this new Granny Flat build that we’re creating over our clients’ existing garage. We’ll be including a cantilever deck overlooking the park as part of the proj ...


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