30 Sep, 2020

Prioritising Comfort over Cost: What To Consider when Staying at Home During the Building Process

Do you have the budget to stay inside your home during the renovation? While it is possible to live inside your property throughout the duration of the build, it’s wise to understand the drawb ...

23 Sep, 2020

Avoid this Scenario!

So you’ve saved your pennies and you’re ready to build…here’s the scenario you should avoid experiencing… We see it often with some homeowners – time spent on gettin ...

16 Sep, 2020

Don't Cut Corners with Cost!

“You get what you pay for…” This statement especially rings true when it comes to custom homes and renovations. Cutting corners can put your project in jeopardy! Proper building ...

9 Sep, 2020

Here's what you Should Know about Quotes

Not every quote is created equal ☝️! While some builders give a ballpark figure of what it would take to complete your project, this might be a simple guesstimate. This amount rarely reflects t ...

2 Sep, 2020

Don't Cut Corners: Why Meeting Council Requirements are a Crucial First Step

Think you can get by with a plan that isn’t approved by council? Think again 💥. Plans that have elements outside the building code will take weeks to remedy, which can cost you lots of pre ...

26 Aug, 2020

The Reality of Staying at Home During the Renovation Period...

Will you need to pack your bags during your renovation? You’d be surprised at what the answer is ⬇️. In reality, it will really depend on the size and type of the build, along with your bu ...


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