24 Jun, 2020

A Common Mistake that Most Homeowners Make

We’ve seen this happen many times with homeowners ⬇️. ✅ The plans are all laid out. ✅ Council approval is achieved. It’s natural to experience good vibes and anticipation. Bu ...

17 Jun, 2020

What you need to know about Quotes

Not every quote is created equal ☝️! While some builders give a ballpark figure of what it would take to complete your project, this might be a simple guesstimate. This amount rarely reflects t ...

10 Jun, 2020

Why to Look Beyond the Cost

You get what you pay for 💸. This statement rings true when you deal with any project. While it’s natural to be conscious about budgets…cutting corners can get you into trouble. R ...

3 Jun, 2020

Here's an ACTUAL Tip you Can Apply to your Upcoming Project

There are many tips that builders and tradespeople will tell you about achieving a successful building project, but here’s what you REALLY need to know ⬇️. It’s essential to be realis ...

27 May, 2020

Mitigate the risks! Do your Research.

Whether you’re thinking about building a custom home, extension or embarking on a renovation, a project of any scale can carry its unique risks to an owner 💥. You can do all the research yo ...

20 May, 2020

Finalised your Design? Here's what you Should Consider

Have you finalised your design and is your builder in the process of delivering your project? Here’s something to consider ⬇️… Once elements of your home are unearthed or moved, ther ...


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