20 Nov, 2019

How to Get your Project Off on the Right Foot

When it comes to building projects, homeowners and builders need to work as a team to achieve the best possible outcome. Collaboration is where your project thrives, and getting on board and learnin ...

13 Nov, 2019

Incorporating Intuitive Design

It might just be a skylight, but incorporating an intuitive element like this will add and enhance your design. This beautiful skylight fills this room with so much natural light that it will reduce ...

6 Nov, 2019

Giving your Project the TLC it needs

Giving your space the refresh that it needs means giving it the right amount of TLC. Don’t rush the process! Take the time and make decisions that will work to enhance your lifestyle. Don&rs ...

30 Oct, 2019

DIY? Think Again!

“I can probably do this renovation myself 👍!” Some owners go through the DIY route, only to discover that they might not have the right know-how and time to get the work done. When you ...

23 Oct, 2019

Renovations are not like what you see in the Movies!

If you’re envisioning your renovation to look a lot like what you see on TV – think again! It’s natural to get the impression that renovations can be done quickly, on a dime and still ...

16 Oct, 2019

Our Tip: Choosing the Right Builder

BUILDER’S TIP: It pays to shop around when it comes to finding the right contractor for your building or renovation project! Never settle on a contractor before first interviewing and getting a ...


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