7 Feb, 2021

Give your Home the Refresh that it Needs

Want to make your home look new again? Whether it’s adding new features or completely remodelling your space, we’ve got you covered. As homeowners and residents of the community, we und ...

31 Jan, 2021

What to Consider when Embarking on a Renovation

When it comes to renovating a home, there are many factors to think through. For example, the stairs, This is something to pay close attention to as it will impact the rest of your house, whether to ...

27 Jan, 2021

Why to Look Beyond the Cost

You get what you pay for 💸. This statement rings true when you deal with any project. While it’s natural to be conscious about budgets…cutting corners can get you into trouble. R ...

20 Jan, 2021

Here's a Question to Consider...

Are you making the most out of your home’s space? What if there was a way to be able to maximise your spaces so that they fit with your lifestyle? This is the beauty of embarking on an extensi ...

13 Jan, 2021

Renovations are not like what you see in the Movies!

If you’re envisioning your renovation to look a lot like what you see on TV – think again! It’s natural to get the impression that renovations can be done quickly, on a dime and still ...

3 Jan, 2021

What we Value in our Work

Safety has always been a paramount priority in our approach to custom home building. Get your own custom-build today and give your family the space that they deserve. To learn more about our work, ...

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