27 May, 2020

Mitigate the risks! Do your Research.

Whether you’re thinking about building a custom home, extension or embarking on a renovation, a project of any scale can carry its unique risks to an owner 💥. You can do all the research yo ...

20 May, 2020

Finalised your Design? Here's what you Should Consider

Have you finalised your design and is your builder in the process of delivering your project? Here’s something to consider ⬇️… Once elements of your home are unearthed or moved, ther ...

13 May, 2020

Looking Beyond the Design

It’s not just the design you have to be mindful of ☝️. Building within your council’s codes in the planning stage is essential. This will save you an enormous amount of heartache, ...

6 May, 2020

Privacy is Key when it comes to Granny Flats

When it comes to granny flats, privacy is KEY ☝️! Keep this factor in mind when designing your granny flat to not detract appeal from the house OR granny flat. Not only does this look attractiv ...

26 Apr, 2020

Here's a Question to Consider...

Are you making the most out of your home’s space? What if there was a way to be able to maximise your spaces so that they fit with your lifestyle? This is the beauty of embarking on an extensi ...

19 Apr, 2020

Making Dreams a Reality is what we Do

Our years of experience building extensions and doing renovations means we can help to make your dreams a reality. Our approach to construction and design also means that your new spaces will blend s ...


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