22 Jul, 2020

Like the Quote you Received? Consider This...

Do you like what you see in your quote? Before you settle with the cheapest quote given to you, read this ⬇️. It’s important to clarify with your builder what is included in the price. Ch ...

15 Jul, 2020

How to Maximise your Granny Flat Design

Say what you want about granny flats, with the right design, it can be the perfect home to live in ☝️. Since there is a maximum of 60 sqm to work with, you need to use it wisely. For instance, ...

8 Jul, 2020

Don't Settle for Sub-Par Designs because of Costs...Consider This.

If you’re settling for a sub-par design because of cost, consider this 💭… The result of your home is something that you’ll have to live with every day… With this in mind ...

1 Jul, 2020

Separating Good Builders from Great Builders...what you Should Know

What separates a good builder from a great one? Read this ⬇️… A quality builder knows how to manage your budget, maximising your return on investment. Because of this, it’s essentia ...

24 Jun, 2020

A Common Mistake that Most Homeowners Make

We’ve seen this happen many times with homeowners ⬇️. ✅ The plans are all laid out. ✅ Council approval is achieved. It’s natural to experience good vibes and anticipation. Bu ...

17 Jun, 2020

What you need to know about Quotes

Not every quote is created equal ☝️! While some builders give a ballpark figure of what it would take to complete your project, this might be a simple guesstimate. This amount rarely reflects t ...


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