FAQ TG Building

Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • How important is it to set a budget at the beginning of the building process?

    It’s important to decide how much you can spend right from the start, because that will determine other important issues about your new home, such as the size, the type of materials used and the fittings you are looking to install. Before we start working with you on a design, it’s good to decide what are your must-haves, so you can be informed of the financial elements of the build and any compromises you might need to make.

  • Am I able to change my mind on various fittings after the build has started?

    Some changes can be made after the start of the build, but they often will result in cost overruns and time delays. We feel that it is best to take the time right at the beginning to make sure you are totally happy with all your choices in fittings before work gets underway. The more time you spend planning, the smoother the build process will be. We can help you with samples of various finishes to make sure you understand what your options are before we start.

  • As the owner, how involved should I be in the building process?

    We consider it a privilege to partner our customers when building their new home and we encourage clear and regular communication throughout the build. You can follow the progress of the work through email updates, or have regular site visits to chat with the team from TG Building. You get to decide how involved you will be.

  • What’s the benefit from choosing a smaller company?

    A lot of homeowners like the personal touch – which is why we pride ourselves on our local connections. At TG Building you will deal with the same builder from start to finish of your build, to make communication simpler and more straight-forward. We will also organise fortnightly site meetings and weekly progress reports as standard while some clients prefer to have more regular site meetings, emails and phone conversations to keep in touch with the build as it progresses.


    We believe in doing quality work – every time. Our commitment to the highest standards in building mean that you will be proud of everything in your new home or extension.


    As a small, family-owned and run company, TG Building can manage your entire build, from beginning to end. We can help with design and building approvals, full construction, right up to the necessary finishing touches.


    At TG Building, you will be dealing with the owner of the business as well as the person doing the work. As a small, friendly business, you will enjoy personal service every step of the way.